A truck on C5 overturns, plowing into 8 other vehicles, killing 1 person and injuring others; causing a monumental traffic jam that affected the entire Metro Manila the whole of Monday, August 4.

After not being consulted by the LTFRB on the lifting of commercial trucks apprehensions and public utility vehicle bans, the MMDA and the Mayors of the Metro Manila Council called an emergency meeting yesterday and unanimously approved a resolution to disobey the recent circulars released by the LTFRB.

The LTFRB memorandum circular/resolutions in question are 2014-009, which suspends operations against out-of-line buses, 2014-010, which allows them back on major highways inside Metro Manila including EDSA and the Board Resolution No. 5 or the 'No Apprehension Policy' of trucks-for-hire with green plates until August 29.

Local government units involved have put in effect Board Resolution No. 3, Series of 2014, which will allow them to enforce each city’s respective traffic rules and regulations superseding the LTFRB’s recent memos and resolutions and apprehending trucks with green plates and colorum buses.

Truck operators have been quickly warned to observe the MMDA's truck ban and for buses to strictly stay within their prescribed routes.

MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino has noted that although the agency has been strictly implementing the agreed upon rules regarding truck and provincial buses, violators flash the LTFRB's memo circular and resolution and simply drive away.

It is worth nothing that the accident in Taguig City yesterday was caused by a cargo truck with green plates, which would not have happened if the LTFRB did not issue the ‘no-apprehension policy.’

Senator Miriam Santiago, who was directly affected by the city-wide traffic jam yesterday, is calling for a Senate investigation on the recent rulings by the LTFRB.

"LTFRB's logic escapes me. Allowing these trucks to ply our roads when they are still securing the necessary paperwork in the name of trade and commerce is a flimsy excuse. This is LTFRB’ failing in their basic regulatory functions," the Senator said.