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MMDA: More road projects underway in 2016 to improve traffic flow


More traffic-easing road projects underway; gov't blames private cars yet again

After announcements made by the administration in the last few days regarding patience and understanding towards current road projects, some of which are nearing completion, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced an extra 4 projects on the way to help curb the traffic congestion.

MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos has revealed plans by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to begin four road projects this year. These are the Lawton-Sta. Monica Bridge in Pasig and Taguig; C5 Road to Julia Vargas Flyover in Pasig City; Katipunan to C5 Road Flyover and Miriam to Gate 3 of Ateneo De Manila University Flyover.

“We need to finish the infrastructure projects to cope up with the number of vehicles and the population,” said Carlos.


The DPWH is taking aim at getting these projects approved in the next meeting and start as soon as the bidding process has been accomplished and right-of-way issues have been resolved.

Carlos admitted that initially these projects will heighten the traffic situation in Metro Manila in the short-term but all its benefits lie in the long-term.

“As we all know, if there is an on-going road project, traffic in roads can lead to a standstill, It's a sacrifice,” Carlos said in Filipino.

“If you launch a long-term project you will suffer before its implementation so, we need a combination of a long and a short term solution,” added Carlos.

Carlos attributed the worsening traffic problem to vehicular volume, 90-percent of which are private cars, and lack of road networks in Metro Manila.

“The (vehicular) volume remains a problem. The actual capacity of EDSA is 6,000 vehicles one direction per hour but right now we have 6,800 vehicles. So, there is overcapacity,” he said.

A study shows that for a metropolis the size of Metro Manila, 25-percent of the total land area should be about 8,000 kilometers worth of roads but so far we only have 5,000 kilometers of roads.

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