Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program is still suspended in Metro Manila, except Makati

The government has just officially extended the General Community Quarantine with 'heightened restrictions' (GCQ) until June 15, 2021. With it, the public is advised to continue following minimum health and safety protocols at all times.

Since Metro Manila is still under GCQ, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has also announced that the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), also known as the number coding scheme, is still suspended.

In a recent Facebook post, the MMDA posted a statement saying that until further notice, the number coding scheme in Metro Manila remains shelved for the time being. That means motorists can still go around the metro without fear of being apprehended by the MMDA for violating the UVVRP.

In a prior conversation with AutoIndustriya.com, MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia made it clear that so long as there are quarantine measures in effect, number coding will stay suspended.

But there is one place where the number coding scheme has returned, Makati City. Ever since Metro Manila reverted to the more relaxed GCQ, the Makati City LGU decided to bring back its own version of number coding. It works similar to what the MMDA has but has been modified to exempt certain motorists and vehicles.

Under Makati's modified number coding scheme, vehicles with two or more people will not be apprehended. Motorists with Senior Citizen Blu Card holders are also exempted from the number coding scheme.

Last but not least, the following vehicles are also exempted from the modified number coding in Makati City: motorcycles; ambulances, fire trucks, police patrol, military vehicles on official functions; diplomatic vehicles with diplomatic plates; government vehicles with government plates in official use; official media vehicles with marking; tow trucks accredited in Makati; and vehicles used by medical practitioners in an emergency.