MMDA scraps removal of number coding window hours

It’s official. After speculation that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) planned to remove the number coding window hours, the government agency announced that the window hour policy will stay, for now at least.

This was confirmed by MMDA Acting Chair Romando Artes who shared that the plan to lift the scheme was scrapped to allow motorists to continue to travel amid the holidays. In addition, Artes mentioned that the decision was based on a two-week study that seeks to anticipate traffic conditions during the holidays.

“Ito rin po ay bilang pagtingin sa ating mga kababayan na iisa ang sasakyan na magamit yung kanilang sasakyan kahit covered ng number coding scheme sa particular na araw,” said Artes.

[This would help those who only have one vehicle, which they will still be able to use even during their designated off-day based on the number coding scheme]

MMDA: Number coding window hours will stay image

As a result, the expanded number coding scheme will continue to be in effect only between the hours of 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM every Monday to Friday.

But in order to ensure that traffic flow in the metro remains mobile during the holiday rush, several traffic management measures will be enforced by the MMDA to decongest Metro Manila roads. Aside from the temporary suspension of excavation activities in Metro Manila and the adjustment of mall hours, the MMDA will also intensify its clearing operations.

A 76-man strike force against illegal parking will augment the MMDA’s two units that will conduct daily clearing operations that can only cover four areas per day. These enforcers will be divided into two teams that can consist of up to 4 or 5 individuals and will roam via motorcycles instead of having a tow truck team. Artes added that each team aims to visit at least 10 locations per day.

“Sila po ay gagamit ng body-worn cameras para may ebidensya po na illegally parked 'yung mga sasakyan at gagamit naman po ng handheld ticketing device para mabilis ang pag-issue ng ticket. Kung ang iniisip niyo ay ‘napuntahan naman ako kahapon o isang linggo, ang balik na ng MMDA ay mga three months after,’ ngayon po hindi na yan mangyayari. Kahit every week kaya namin kayo balikan,” added Artes.

[They will use body-worn cameras as evidence against those illegally parked and a handheld ticketing device for fast issuance of tickets. If you’re thinking, ‘The MMDA just visited us recently, they won’t be back until after three months,’ that’s not happening anymore. We’ll be able to visit you every week]