Calling it a “work in progress,” MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino has added to the existing traffic scheme in Katipunan by opening up ‘zipper’ or counterflow lanes.

This is in response to the dissatisfaction motorists have expressed towards the current traffic situation brought about by closing four U-turn slots and installing two traffic lights, one in front on Ateneo Gate 3 and the other in front of Miriam Gate 1.

Traffic yesterday was brought to a virtual standstill as northbound drivers came to a halt as far back as Aurora Boulevard flyover while southbound vehicles backed up all the way to Luzon Avenue flyover.

The agency has promised that things will get better as more and more people get used to the new system.  "Many are confused since we've only just implemented the scheme," Tolentino said.

Traffic lights have been calibrated for quicker switching especially during heavy traffic conditions.

The MMDA has spoken to Ateneo management regarding the quicker processing of the 1,200 motorists who drive in and out of the campus every morning to prevent traffic from spilling over to Katipunan.

The ‘zipper lane’ on the northbound lane opened this morning, 6am-9am.  Motorists headed south can enter the opposite lane in front of Ateneo Gate 1 and go all the way to Ateneo Gate 2.5 before merging back to the southbound lane. 

Another new development is the opening of the Katipunan-Aurora intersection to allow southbound motorists to turn left into Marcos Highway.

Plans are also underway for the temporary bridge that will be put in place within this year. The bridge will stretch from the corner of C.P. Garcia and run all the way along Katipunan to allow vehicles coming from both directions of Katipunan to move at a much faster pace.  The bridge is England-made and can be assembled within two months once it arrives.