Residents of Metro Manila will now have easier access to information and measures regarding emergency situations in the National Capital Region with the opening of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA’s) newest facility designed to handle natural calamities and other crisis situations in the metropolis.

Called the Metro Manila Crisis Monitoring and Management Center (MMCMMC), it was established as part of the government’s plan to minimize loss of life during times of emergencies.

The MMCMMC is tasked to implement the proper procedures to ‘reduce the impact of negative effects to the victims or the public, and closely monitor events such as multiple vehicular accidents with massive casualties, industrial or chemical accidents, fire incidents, explosions, transport strikes, mass actions (protests and high population density events), epidemic or suspected release of biological agents, events of chemical, biological, radiological-nuclear nature (CBRN), widespread flood and seismic events.’

Using the MMDA’s Flood Control Information Center and the facilities of Metrobase, the MMCMMC will also be equipped to gather information regarding flash floods and videos of vehicular accidents in Metro Manila.

Inter-agency coordination will also be part of MMCMMC’s duties for proper information dissemination in order for agency heads to make the correct decisions at the right time.

The MMCMMC will be open 24/7, including holidays, and shall report directly to the MMDA Chairman through the General Manager or their designated officers.