The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has released a list of 77 ongoing projects in Metro Manila that is being done to improve road conditions and traffic flow when completed.

49 of the 77 projects are road diggings and ongoing drainage works under the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).  The total number does not include diggings made by water utility companies to rehabilitate drainage tunnels that are more than three decades old.

The total count however includes the Skyway Stage 3and the NAIA Expressway project that will have a major effect on the traffic along the areas where construction in going on.

“While we’ve been experiencing flood-induced traffic delays mainly because of these public works projects, when these are all finished, it is expected that it will bring big relief to the general public,” said MMDA Assistant General for Operations Emerson Carlos.

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The list was released to make motorists aware of the problematic areas and allow them to make the necessary arrangements so as not to heavily inconvenience them.

“We’re advising the public to avoid these areas, especially during heavy downpour in the evenings,” Carlos added.

The MMDA has taken the necessary precaution and are equipped with mobile pumps and other flood control equipment that can be deployed to these and other critical areas when flooding happens.