Motorists have been advised to expect heavy traffic, thanks to the start of construction of the Skyway Stage 3 Project.

As a means of lessening traffic, the Metro Manila Development Authority has put forth a proposal called the “No Green Plate Day” policy along EDSA.

In the said proposal, the window period (10:00 AM to 3:00 PM) for private vehicles will be revoked by the MMDA on EDSA under the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) or number coding.

Originally the UVVRP was implemented to ban vehicles from plying the streets with plates ending in 1 and 2 on Mondays, 3 and 4 on Tuesdays, 5 and 6 on Wednesdays, 7 and 8 on Thursdays and 9 and 0 on Fridays. The UVVRP ban was originally implemented every weekday from 7:00 AM up to 7:00 PM, though gradually the implementation of policy was relaxed to accommodate the 5 window hours deemed outside of the morning and afternoon rush hours.

This proposed "No Green Plate Day" policy was put forth to augment the MMDA's other proposals such as the "4-day school week" and initiatives such as the revival of the Pasig River ferry system.

What do you think of the MMDA's proposal to revoke the window hours on EDSA?