The MMDA have moved the start of the comprehensive Holy Week 2014 EDSA reblocking project to Holy Wednesday at 2pm from Tuesday at 10pm after officials of the MMDA met with provincial bus operators yesterday.

With such an encompassing coverage of EDSA, which you will find below, a request was made to allow the motorists and commuters ample time to exit Metro Manila.

To ease the burden of commuters planning going out to provincial destinations from the city, the MMDA has suspended the number-coding scheme for provincial buses starting today until Easter Monday April 21.

And for people planning to take passenger buses out of Metro Manila, the LTFRB has issued an extra 594 ‘special permits to operate’ to provincial bus operators so they can cope with the massive number of expected commuters.

EDSA Southbound

Quezon City:

- before New York, fourth lane

- after New York, second lane

- before Monte de Piedad, sixth lane

- in front of Camp Crame, first and third lanes

- before Annapolis, first lane

- after Annapolis, first lane

- in front of Hyundai, second lane

- in front of Soliven, second lane

- before Dario Bridge (intermittent), third lane

- in front of Lawton, fourth lane

- before Bansalangin, fourth lane

- after Bansalangin, fourth lane

- before Bulacan, fifth lane

- Bulacan, fourth lane

- West Avenue, fifth lane

- after West Avenue, fourth lane

- before East Maya, fourth lane

- after East Maya, fourth lane

- C. Benitez, fourth lane

- before Times Street, fifth lane

- Quezon Avenue Flyover, first and third lanes

- Service Road, third lane

Mandaluyong City:

- before Cats Motor, second to fourth lanes

- after Cats Motor, third and fifth lanes

- before Connecticut, second and third lanes

- after Connecticut, first to fourth lanes

- Sultan Street (Service Road), first and second lanes

- after Libertad, first lane

- after Reliance footbridge, second and third lanes

- opposite Madison Street, first and fourth lanes

- before Pinatubo, second lane

- Boni Avenue, first and second lanes

- after Boni Avenue, first to third lanes

- Mayon Street, second lane

Makati City:

- after Guadalupe Bridge, third lane

- before Bernardino, second lane

- before Estrella, first to third lanes (intermittent)

- after Estrella, first to third lanes

- opposite Guinga, first and second lanes

- after Buendia, fifth lane

- in front of Urdaneta Village, second to fifth lanes

- after Pasay Road Magallanes, first, second, third and fifth lanes

- between Taft and Park Avenues, third to fifth lanes

- after Park Avenue, fourth lane

- before Roxas Boulevard, fifth and sixth lanes

EDSA Northbound

Reblocking begins 8 p.m. Friday and end at 5 a.m. Monday

Makati City:

- between Dasmariñas gate in front of loading/unloading station: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th lane

- before Pasay Road tunnel (total closure of three lanes in the tunnel and two at the service road)

- along Service Road before Pasay Road, one outer lane

- along Service Road after Pasay Road, two lanes and one lane of the tunnel

- along the tunnel after Ayala Avenue, third and fourth lanes

- in front of Forbes Park gate, second and third lanes

- near Guinea Street, second lane

- Kalayaan Avenue, third, fourth and fifth lanes

- Estrella Street, third lane

- Escuella Street, third and fourth lanes

- near Orense Street, second lane

- before Guadalupe MRT Station, fourth and second lanes

- before Guadalupe Bridge, second to fifth lanes

Mandaluyong City:

- in front of Go Hotel, first and second lanes

- before Pioneer, first lane

- after Pioneer, first and second lanes

- in front of SMDC Light Residences, first and second lanes

- in front of Abbot and Ricoa, second lane

- approach of Shaw Boulevard tunnel, sixth lane

- along Shaw Boulevard tunnel, first lane

- along service road after Shaw Blvd., second lane

- before J. Vargas (along service road), second lane

- before J. Vargas (along the tunnel), first and second lanes

- corner J. Vargas, first, second and fifth lanes

- in front of SM Megamall bus station, sixth lane

- in front of SM Megamall emergency bay, first to fourth lanes

- before ADB access road, first to third lanes

- after ADB access road, second and fourth lanes

- near Guadix, first and third lanes

- in front of Robinsons Galleria service road, first and third lanes

- before Ortigas intersection, second and third lanes

Quezon City:

- near Corinthian gate, first to third lanes

- from Ortigas flyover, fourth lane

- after Corinthian gate, fourth lane

- in front of Kamayan Restaurant, first and fourth lanes

- in front of Gate 3, first lane

- after Gate 3, first lane

- Santolan MRT Station, fifth lane

- Quezon Avenue Flyover Service Road, first lane

- opposite East Maya, second lane

- opposite East Lawin, third lane

- in front of Trinoma, second lane

- in front of SM North, third lane

- in front of Nice Hotel, third lane

- after Misamis Street, third and fourth lanes

- Corregidor, first lane

- after Corregidor, fifth lane