With the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo just a few days away, preparation are already underway to ensure the safety of the attendees as well as the flow of vehicular traffic in the area during the event.

Since the final few days of 2015, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has been hard at work determining the best possible routes for motor vehicles that will be affected by the procession of the Black Nazarene which will happen on Saturday, January 9, 2016.

Approximately 1,680 members of the MMDA, composed of traffic enforcers, rescue personnel and members of the Metro Parkway Clearing Group, will be deployed in Quiapo, Manila.

75-percent of that number will arrive on Thursday, January 7 to manage the procession of the replicas of the Black Nazarene, which starts at 2 p.m. from Plaza Miranda to Quiapo Church. This procession will pass through Quezon Boulevard, Recto Ave., Loyola St., Puyat St., Guzman St., Hidalgo St., Barbosa St., Globo de Oro St., Palanca St., and Villabos St.

The rest of the MMDA personnel will be there early on Saturday to manage the flow of vehicular traffic and some 15 million people attending the procession.

MMDA Rerouting Traffic Plan

The Black Nazarene will start its journey from the Quirino Grandstand in Rizal Park at 7 a.m. on Saturday. It will then make its way to Quiapo Church by taking the following route:

Left turn to Katigbak Drive thru P. Burgos

Left to Taft Ave. (P. Burgos) thru Jones Bridge

Right on Escolta St. then turn right to Dasmariñas St. 

Turn right to Plaza Sta. Cruz St then left to Carlos Palanca St.

Straight thru under Quezon Bridge then left on Quezon Blvd.

Right on Arlegui St. before turning right on Fraternal St.

Turn right on Vergara St. then left on Duque de Alba St.,

Left again on Castillejos St., left on Farnecio St.

Right turn on Arlegui St. before taking a left on Nepomuceno St.

Turn left on Aguila St., right on Carcer St.

Right turn on Hidalgo thru Plaza del Carmen

Left on Bilibid Viejo thru Gonzalo Ruyat

Turn left on Guzman St., right on Hidalgo St.

Left on Barbosa St., right on Globo de Oro

Go under Quezon Bridge, right on Palanca St.

Right on Villalobos thru Plaza Miranda and then to Quiapo Church.

All vehicles coming from the northern part of Manila heading to Bonifacio Drive should turn right to Roberto S. Oca St., left to Delgado St., left to Bonifacio Drive, right to Soriano Ave. to Magallanes Drive, right to P. Burgos St., straight to Lagusnilad to Taft Ave.

Heavy vehicles and cargo trucks coming from the southern part of Metro Manila should take Osmeña Drive, right to Quirino to Nagtahan St.

All buses from the south of Metro Manila taking Taft Ave. will not be allowed to enter from 7 a.m. to 12 noon. They are only allowed up to Quirino.

Private motorists going through the area are advised to use the stretch of Lacson to Nagtahan or the stretch of Road 10 to Roxas Boulevard to avoid traffic congestion.

Vehicles coming from Quezon City headed to España Boulevard should turn right to P. Campa St., left to Andalucia St., right to Fugoso St., left to T. Mapua St. to point of destination.

South Pier-bound vehicles should turn left to Nicanor Reyes St., right to Recto, left to Reina Regente St., straight to Jones Bridge to point of destination.

Vehicles from Divisoria headed to Recto should turn left to T. Alonzo St., right to Fugoso St., left to Andalucia St. to point of destination.

Motorists from Legarda should turn right to Recto or left to Mendiola to point of destination.