Metro Manila Traffic Code Fines and Penalties 2023 out now

The wait is over. The single-ticketing system in Metro Manila we all wanted is finally here, unifying the price of fines for different violations and giving us a standard set of traffic rules and regulations so the implementation will not be different for every city we go through.

Only two days after Metro Manila mayors approved a single-ticketing system for traffic violations committed in the metropolis under the Metro Manila Traffic Code (MMTC) of 2023, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) posted the new list of ‘Uniform Fines and Penalties for the Single Ticketing System’ on their Facebook Page.

It is much shorter than the five-page MMDA Traffic Violations and Penalties list, but we notice that the price of certain fines went up. For example, ‘Disregarding Traffic Signs.’ The previous price was PHP 150 for the first, second, and third offenses. Under the MMTC of 2023, it is PHP 1,000 for every offense. ‘Reckless Driving’ costs PHP 500, PHP 750, and PHP 1,000 respectively, but will now set you back PHP 1,000, PHP 2,000, and PHP 2,000, including a seminar.

Not all violations went on a price hike. ‘Illegal Parking,’ Attended and Unattended, still costs PHP 1,000 and PHP 2,000 respectively, while some fines went down. ‘Speeding’ was PHP 1,200 under the no-contact apprehension system but is now just PHP 1,000.

See the full table of fines and violations below:

Fines of single-ticketing violation image

Fines of single-ticketing violation image

According to MMDA Acting Chairman Don Artes, the MMTC of 2023 is a historic moment as the implementation of the single-ticketing system will prevent “confusion among our driving public, as well as the option to pay electronically for their violations.” He added that driver’s licenses will also not be confiscated during apprehension.

If you are wondering about the start date of its implementation,  San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora, who is also the president of the Metro Manila Council (MMC), it will not be immediate as the different local government units still need to pass their respective ordinances to adapt to the MMTC of 2023. He adds that it should be on or before March 15, 2023.

Regardless of this new development, your driving habits and demeanor should always be at their best to avoid accidents and hopefully, getting fined by traffic enforcers for a traffic violation.