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MMDA responds to social media post; suspends towing company


Facebook post leads to suspension of Arcson Towing Services

Getting towed for reasons other than your car broke down is already nerve-wracking but getting it done by suspicious looking individuals without proper identification asking you to do things outside of protocol must be utterly horrific.

This is what happened to Kristen Ann Uy de Baron as recounted on the Facebook post of her sister Trix Lareza-Clasara on Monday, May 23, at around 11AM outside of Savemore along Broadway Avenue.

In response to the FB post that went viral, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has decided to suspend Arcson Towing Services pending the result of the investigation against its alleged violation of proper towing procedures.


All of the company’s tow trucks have been suspended starting Tuesday, May 24, including the truck implicated in the complaint with plate number AVA 4494.

”Rest assured the MMDA is continuously pursuing good governance in all of its endeavors, including cleansing its ranks of unscrupulous individuals,” said MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos.

MMDA Traffic Discipline Office Head, Atty Crisanto Saruca personally looked into the matter and is urging the victim to file a formal complaint with the agency.

"Ms. Trix, please formalize your complaint ASAP, and I will handle this personally," Saruca said in his posted comment.

This is not the first time MMDA accredited towing companies have been engaged in suspicious activities.

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