After several delays, the partial closure of the Marcos Highway Bridge has come upon motorists who frequent the area. Following that, there was heavier traffic experienced on an already busy highway as motorists living in Marikina, Rizal, and in Pasig pass through this major roadway every day.

For the next four months the eastbound lane will be closed to the public, making the westbound section of the bridge open only to eastbound motorists. Meanwhile, all vehicles coming in from Antipolo, Marikina, and Pasig can use the SM City Marikina service road as well as the Diosdado Macapagal Bridge to get to their destinations.

MMDA revises Marcos Highway Bridge traffic after partial closure image

While the rerouting scheme looked good in theory, in practice it was a completely different story. From five lanes, westbound vehicles are suddenly bottlenecked into two or three lanes by the time they reach SM City Marikina or Diosdado Macapagal Bridge. The result is heavy traffic build-up which, on bad days, can reach as far as Ayala Malls Feliz in Pasig, or even further.

Clearly something needed to be done; and it appears the MMDA have found a solution this morning.

Today, May 28, instead of just making the westbound lane passable only for eastbound-motorists, the MMDA decided to make it into a two-way thoroughfare. That's right, one lane of the westbound section now serves vehicles bound for Antipolo while the other lane allows vehicles that are heading to Cubao. From observations, it did help in reducing the bottleneck situtation when crossing over to the other side of the bridge, especially during the morning rush hour.

MMDA revises Marcos Highway Bridge traffic after partial closure image

However, those traveling eastbound are set to experience congestion due to the revised traffic scheme. There is an alternative route, however, and that is to take Marikina Riverbanks in order to get to Sumulong Highway and get to Antipolo and other parts of Rizal.

But what about the SM City Markina service road? Not to worry as it is still open in order to keep traffic moving along the highway at any time of the day.

MMDA revises Marcos Highway Bridge traffic after partial closure image

With rehabilitation works only just starting, it'll be quite some time before the traffic situation along Marcos Highway improve. And with the rainy and school season set to return, the MMDA and the contractor working on the bridge have their work cut out for them. With that, there could still be more rerouting schemes coming in order to adjust to the volume of traffic, particularly during the evening rush.