Remember when EDSA had a dedicated motorcycle lane? Well, it could make a return in the future. Unlike before, however, it won't be in the middle of EDSA. Instead, it might be located on the rightmost lane of the major thoroughfare.

According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), they are currently studying the possibility of designating the rightmost lane of EDSA for motorcycles. The idea of designating the rightmost lane as a motorcycle lane was envisioned by newly-appointed MMDA Chairman Benjamin "Benhur" Abalos Jr.

“Abalos also vowed to address the issue on U-turn slots with elevated bus ramps and hinted on putting motorcycle lanes on the right-most lane and also envisions pedestrian-friendly thoroughfares,” said the MMDA in a statement.

Previously, the motorcycle lane on EDSA was located along the second lane from the left. With the implementation of the EDSA Busway, motorcycles have been riding freely in any lane they choose.

As mentioned earlier, the new measure of moving motorcycles to the rightmost lane is still being studied. That said, it is still uncertain when it might be implemented, assuming it does.

Apart from the possibility of making the rightmost portion of EDSA into a motorcycle lane, MMDA Chairman Abalos added that the opening of the South Luzon Expressway-North Luzon Expressway (SLEX-NLEX) connector is expected to ease traffic on EDSA by 30%. His top priority though is addressing the pandemic by coordinating with local authorities. Other plans include the due process during clearing operations

Do you think that motorcycles should strictly be on the rightmost lane on EDSA? Or are they okay as they are now? Let us know in the comments.