This it the third time it has happened

The first time mud was found on EDSA, most brushed it off as an accident. Even Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic czar Edison “Bong” Nebrija thought the same. But the second time it happened, it started to look like an intentional act. Unfortunately, it has happened a third time, and this time, it caused several accidents, including one that involved an MMDA officer.

Nebrija took to social media and blasted those responsible for the dumping of mud along the major thoroughfare. He also showed photos of the mess with a good portion of the EDSA Shaw Tunnel northbound covered in mud.

“May nagtapon na naman ng lupa sa EDSA Shaw Tunnel NB. Mabuhay sa lahat ng mga namemerwishong dump trucks sa EDSA, makarma sana kayo sa mga naabala nyong mga motorista. Ayun may mga nadisgrasyang motorista (13 riders to be exact) na kasama pa isang enforcer namin,” said Nebrija.

[Someone dumped mud along EDSA Shaw Tunnel NB again. To the erring dump trucks passing through EDSA, hope you receive karma for the motorists you've inconvenienced. Motorists were also involved in an accident (13 riders to be exact), including one of our enforcers.]


Nebrija believes that the truckers are dumping the mud on purpose. It is the third time this has happened, after all. He is now asking motorists to help in identifying and catching the perpetrators. If you happen to have information or dashcam footage of the incident, you may contact the MMDA hotline at 136.

The MMDA has since cleaned up the mud, but it did cause massive traffic build-up along EDSA. Hopefully, the agency catches whoever is responsible for dumping mud along EDSA. Not only is this a hassle for everyone but it also poses a danger to motorists.