In order to facilitate the two-pronged process of handling traffic management and the strict implementation of our local road rules, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has reorganized their traffic personnel into two groups, the Traffic Management Group (TMG) and the Traffic Enforcement Group (TEG).

The TMG will be tasked to supervise and control the flow of traffic on the ground at all times while the TEG will be actively seeking violators and will be in charge of apprehension and the issuance of the Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR).

The current setup lays both responsibilities on the Traffic Management Group and in instances where a violation is committed the traffic enforcer is forced to leave his spot manning the traffic flow to deal with the violator, which sometimes in critical situations results in traffic congestion.

"The Traffic Management Group's function is management and control of traffic, while Traffic Enforcement Group takes charge of apprehending violators of traffic rules, using OVR tickets," said Atty. Chris Saruca, head of MMDA's Traffic Discipline Office (TDO).

In case a motorist commits a traffic violation, the apprehension will be done the traffic enforcer while the traffic manager continues his duty dealing with the traffic flow.

Future MMDA presence on the road will now be composed of traffic enforcers and traffic managers to ensure that the agency provides the most efficient service.