Erring motorists will soon find it a lot harder to have their license and registration renewed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) thanks to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's new method of tagging traffic violators.

Recently, the MMDA announced that they will now electronically upload all motor vehicle apprehensions to the LTO-IT system. With it, all motor vehicles that have been tagged by the MMDA will automatically be prohibited from transacting with the LTO until they have settled all necessary fines and penalties with the MMDA.

While this new method is aimed at deterring future violators, this could cause an overload in the system and cause unnecessary delays if there are too many violations logged in. Just a few weeks ago, the LTO rolled out a new online submission system for medical certificates for those that are applying or renewing their licenses. Meant to hasten new application and renewal processes, it actually caused delays, as well as glitches in the LTO-IT system.

The LTO has since resolved the issue with the delays and have ironed out the glitches. Hopefully this new system will help the MMDA in making sure those caught with pending traffic violations will have to pay up first before going to the LTO.

Drivers found with traffic citations can settle their payments at Bayad Center outlets, SM Bills Payment booths, and at the MMDA Treasury Division. Motorists can no longer pay their fines at Metrobank.