Are you voting this coming election day? Are you traveling by car to your precinct but worried that you might be coding on that day? Well worry no more as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has some good news for motorists.

Come May 13, Monday, the MMDA will be lifting the number coding scheme (Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program or UVVRP) throughout the day, much to the relief of those who have been asking about it for the past couple of days. So if you have a car that has a plate number ending in either 1 or 2, you're free to travel around the Metro without worrying about citations.

But what about those in Makati and Las Piñas? After all, those two cities have their own independent traffic schemes. Residents of those two cities will be relieved that coding will also be lifted on that day. That being said, heavy traffic could be expected on that day if a large portion of Metro Manila's population will go out to vote.

It's not just private vehicles that are exempt from coding that day. The number coding scheme will also be lifted for buses, but only those for provincial operations. In fact, the MMDA will be lifting coding for provincial buses as early as Friday, May 10. The MMDA states that the suspension of UVVRP will help ensure that there will be enough public utility vehicles to ferry commuters who are going to vote in the provinces. As for city buses, they still have to follow the scheme this coming Friday but will be exempted on Monday, election day.