Unlucky in love? The MMDA sympathizes with you in their No Contact Apprehension database, mayhuliba.com.

Also known as project Huli Cam, visitors can check if they have incurred a traffic violation. If none, the site gives you an amusing message in the form of a “hugot” line.

According to MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos, “The website not only answered the people’s demand for a query system, but also, in the process, the use of ‘hugot’ lines tremendously boosted MMDA’s awareness campaign of the No Contact Apprehension Policy.”

Based on initial user feedback, reception towards the site has been positive. Since its launch, the website has received over 700,000 inquiries from over 350,000 unique users. Social media comments ranged from people sharing information the website, to thanking the MMDA for having such a tool, to expressing their amusement over its overall approach and the “hugot” lines.

Apart from replies relating to love live, the system also generates responses that nod towards pop culture references, recent events, viral videos and even the recently concluded NBA Finals.

The No Contact Apprehension Policy of the MMDA has been in effect since April. At the time of writing, no violators have contested the fines imposed on them.