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MMDA to ask malls for sale advisory in the future


Malls pressed to coordinate with MMDA on mall wide sales to prevent traffic build-up

How many times have motorists experienced horrendous traffic conditions only to find out it was caused by a major sale event of a mall?

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has finally decided to request for assistance from mall operators by asking them for information about mall wide sale events or major promos ahead of time.

This way, the MMDA will have ample time to disseminate the information to motorists who frequent the affected area and also deploy additional personnel in order to help alleviate and ease the flow of traffic in and around the mall area.


MMDA Traffic Discipline Office chief Cris Saruca also added that mall guards who underwent traffic management training under the agency may also be able to assist during this time.

“We are encouraging the mall owners to coordinate with the agency whenever they have special events that will draw huge number of people like sale promos and concerts,” said Saruca on the MMDA’s radio program.

According to Saruca, traffic may seem isolated to the mall area but during major mall events, it contributes greatly to the overall traffic situation around Metro Manila.

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