Traffic in the area that connects Roosevelt Avenue to Quezon Avenue is going to get hairier this weekend as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced road closure related to the construction of the Skyway Stage 3 project.

Beginning May 21, Saturday, the MMDA will close the intersection of Quezon Avenue – Roosevelt Avenue in Quezon City to facilitate ongoing work to put up sections of the Skyway Stage 3 project.

Vehicles coming from Roosevelt Avenue intending to turn left onto Quezon Avenue will have to turn right first before taking the U-turn slot in front of Maxima.

Being an alternate route for traffic avoiding the Araneta Avenue section of the Skyway Stage 3 project, Roosevelt Avenue has seen and increase in left-turning traffic by 6,000 per day.

Traffic lights in that intersection will be in flashing mode while the U-turn slot will be opened for affected vehicles headed for EDSA while the intersection closure is in effect.

The MMDA has said that the timetable for the intersection closure is indefinite and will be contingent to the progress of the Skyway Stage 3 project construction in the area.