If 16,000 confiscated license plates is a sign of efficiency, then the MMDA is motoring on like a well-oiled machine.

Throughout the years and for various types of traffic violations, the MMDA has collected 16,000 license plates that have never been claimed by its owners.

“These plates were never redeemed by the traffic violators. Imagine, we have 16,000 car plates. Those can be made into a small bridge when melted,” said MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino.

With some license plates dating as far back as 1994, the MMDA has been at it for 20 years at a rate of 800 license plates confiscated per year.

Doubtful that owners will still come back for them, the MMDA is currently facing a disposal problem.

Unclaimed license plates mean that owners did not bother to pay the necessary fines that came with the traffic violations they committed, which makes you wonder how they managed to secure a replacement for the confiscated license plate.

License plates are confiscated by the MMDA when, after a traffic violation, the driver refuses to surrender his/her driver’s license and it is also removed from smoke-belching vehicles at checkpoints.