In light of recent incidents involving traffic enforcers of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) getting hurt or even killed in the line of duty, the agency has advised its enforcers to immediately file a complaint against rude and abusive drivers.

Recently, traffic constable Johnny Llena was flagging down a white SUV driven by Robert Trinidad when it sped past him almost hitting his legs.  Trinidad was later apprehended in a busy intersection.

Traffic enforcers can file a report with the MMDA’s Complaints Division in order for legal action to be taken against drivers like this.

“This is a reflection that some motorists do not give respect to the people who are enforcing traffic rules and regulations. We are appealing to the motorists not to hit our traffic constables since they are only doing their job of enforcing traffic rules,” said MMDA Assistant General Manager Emerson Carlos.

But according to Carlos this also works both ways.

Drivers who have been harassed by traffic enforcers can also proceed to the agency’s headquarters along EDSA in Makati to file a complaint.

“Once they file their complaints in our office, we will immediately call the attention of the traffic constable involved,” said Carlos.

“As for our Complaints Division, we have asked them to find a way to locate abusive motorists,” Carlos added.