The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has developed a traffic scheme to ease the flow of traffic along EDSA in Quezon City, specifically the congestion that happens at the approach of North Avenue on both the north and southbound lanes.

Within the week, the MMDA traffic flow in the said area will be altered including the removal of U-turn slots after the completion of the construction of a ‘bikini island’ right in the middle of the intersection.

A ‘bikini island’ is a triangular rotunda that will help manage the flow of traffic coming from lanes in an intersection.

“We have observed that the chokepoints on Edsa corner North Avenue and Congressional Avenue are caused by U-turn slots in the area so as a solution, starting this week, we will adjust bus separators, remove some unloading bays and modify U-turn slot locations.  Those vehicles making a U-turn are obstructing cars plying Edsa which are going straight to Monumento” said MMDA General Manager Emerson Carlos.

The agency also plans to erect steel fences in front of Trinoma mall to prevent buses from stopping to load and unload passengers.

“We really need to instill discipline because commuters waiting on the road could be hard to control especially if there are quite a number of them,” Carlos added.

Waiting for buses in ‘no loading areas’ will constitute as jaywalking and commuters caught will be fined P500 and be required to provide community service for three hours aside from attending a disaster seminar.