In compliance with President Aquino’s directive for the Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) to take over EDSA, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is readying the implementing guidelines and teaching a class on Basic Traffic Management to policemen who will be assigned to ‘choke points’ along EDSA.

Members of the PNP-HPG will learn about traffic direction, control, and supervision, traffic law enforcement, basics of road safety, traffic accident investigation, road incident management, traffic engineering, and administrative rules and regulations from the MMDA Institute of Traffic Management.

Former Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Albert Suansing welcomed the proposal. "In situations like this, it’s the police that can really instill discipline on the road. Unruly motorists look differently at the police when they are the ones manning the road," Suansing said in an interview with Mornings at ANC.

PNP Director General Ricardo Marquez has said that he will assign 100 policemen on these ‘choke points’ on EDSA beginning Monday morning, September 7.

Marquez added that his men would still rely on the cooperation of the some 500 MMDA personnel and traffic enforcers from various local government units.