As a welcome bit of news to motorists, the MMDA will be implementing a vehicle tagging scheme for city buses starting this Monday, August 15.

The new tagging system, primarily involves the painting of a bus's plate number on the roof for easy identification on the roads of the metro. The governing body of the MMDA, the Metro Manila Council composed of the 17 mayors approved last February the vehicle tagging scheme which is a re-implementation of MMDA Resolution Number 02-27 series of 2002 authorizing the MMDA to implement vehicle tagging of all registered and franchised PUVs plying the major and secondary roads of Metro Manila.

The implementation of the vehicle tagging scheme is intended to track down colorum and out-of-line PUVs and improve the traffic monitoring and surveillance of the MMDA. It is also expected to facilitate easy tracking and identification of traffic violators because the license plates of the PUVs will be painted prominently on the roofs, making it easy for the MMDA's CCTV cameras to capture images and readily identify them.

With the vehicle tagging, public safety and security is enhanced as law enforcement agencies such as the Philippine National Police (PNP) can monitor and track down marked PUVs during emergency situations. The National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) has its own set of CCTVs all over Metro Manila for surveillance and monitoring purposes.

There will be a grace period where in violators will not be fined from August 15-20, after which subsequent violators will be fined PhP500 for the first offense, while second time offenders will be recommended to the LTFRB for cancellation or suspension of their franchise.

"On the first week, we will only give warning to the city bus drivers and conductors but after that, we will be very strict with the enforcement of this resolution. Any city bus caught violating the scheme shall be meted appropriate sanctions," Tolentino said.

We at do think this is a great step undertaken by the MMDA, and we look forward to its strict implementation for better, safer roads in the Metro.