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MMDA to implement new traffic scheme along Poveda Road next week


MMDA to enforce a no-parking policy near Saint Pedro Poveda starting July 4

Beginning July 4, vehicles will not be allowed to park near Saint Pedro Poveda College after the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and PNP Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) agreed on implementing a no-parking policy, along with a new traffic scheme.

When enforced next week, a loop system will be put in place along Poveda Road to allow vehicles coming from ADB Avenue to turn right on Poveda street. Motorists then can make a U-turn if they will drop off students.

The U-turn slot along ADB Avenue corner Guadix Drive will be closed to traffic to further ease traffic congestion.


According to MMDA Traffic Discipline Office Head Cris Saruca, the new traffic scheme aims to alleviate traffic congestion along the aforementioned roads during rush hour. Currently, vehicles are allowed to park along ADB Avenue and Poveda Street. This contributes to the 1,100 vehicles or so that enter Poveda Road during morning rush hour.

This in turn, causes heavy traffic on the northbound lane of EDSA, near Ortigas Flyover and ADB Avenue.

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