In a statement, the MMDA has announced that it will be implementing strict rules along Commonwealth Avenue, the road that has recently claimed numerous lives due to traffic accidents.

Under the new rules, the MMDA will impose a strict 60 kilometer per hour (km/h) speed limit along the highway, a limit that carries a fine of PhP 1,200 for every violation. The speed limit will be policed by radar guns with a coaxial camera, allowing the MMDA to tag erring vehicles and summon the owner or driver to pay the fines.

The lanes along Commonwealth will also be redesignated for specific types of vehicles. Buses will occupy the 2 rightmost lanes, while the next two will be alotted for jeeps and motorcycles, and the remaining 5 lanes for private cars. Vehicles about to take a U-Turn slot will have the two innermost lanes.

The MMDA is also redeploying 200 extra personnel to enforce the new rules which, incidentally, take effect at 0400 hours, or 4:00AM, January 25.

There have been numerous accidents along Commonwealth recently. On January 7, a jeepney driver lost control and and slammed into another, rendering 5 injuries. Last December 20, a retired Makati Judge, Reynaldo Laygo and his wife figured in a fatal accident when a passenger bus rammed their SUV.