If having three cars while living in a two-garage apartment wasn’t a problem before, well now it’s going to be.

In order to continue their efforts in reducing the traffic jams in and around Metro Manila, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) shifted their attention on illegally parked vehicles on all roads in the metropolis.

After initially clearing only the roads that compose the 17 Mabuhay Lanes, the MMDA dissolved the team behind it and formed a new one that will clear all roads of any and all forms of obstruction including illegally parked vehicles.

The new team will be supervised by the MMDA head of Traffic Discipline Office Crisanto Saruca Jr. and headed by traffic officer Roldan Aban Sr. and it will be composed of 60 personnel from various departments of the agency including members of the Towing Operation and Anti-Illegal Parking groups.

"Mabuhay Lanes has been dissolved. It was finished on June 30, so we created a new one under the Traffic Discipline Office. This group dedicated for anti-illegal parking operations. The general rule is no parking on the roads and on the sidewalks," said Saruca.

The new team’s operations will coordinate closely with local government units, Department of Interior and Local Government, and the Philippine National Police - Highway Patrol Group.

"We will get rid of illegally-parked vehicles in all roads anywhere in Metro Manila," added Saruca.