A traffic enforcer was sacked by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino after being caught on video trying to extort money from a motorist in Quezon City. 

The incident occurred last Tuesday, September 22 as motorist Dianne Versoza was apprehended by traffic enforcer Joel Vargas for speeding along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. Versoza recorded her conversation with Vargas with the latter which included haggling for the alleged bribe in exchange for a speeding ticket. 

Prior to his dismissal, Vargas was assigned to a team apprehending overspeeding motorists along the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

"We will not tolerate street bribery just as we call on the general public to likewise avoid bribing our enforcers," Tolentino said.

In December of 2014, Tolentino encouraged motorists and commuters alike to take videos of traffic enforcers not doing their jobs or participating in illegal activity. 

“I am encouraging motorists and the general public as well to use video cameras to record and document perceived illegal or unlawful activities by our employees or by anybody to help attain a disciplined society, and also for evidentiary purposes,” Tolentino said.

MMDA Traffic Discipline Office head Crisanto Saruco meanwhile said that Vargas’ dismissal does not excuse Versoza for her overspeeding violation and she may likely be charged for attempting to corrupt Vargas by offering him money as well; as revealed by her own recording.

I don't have any plans on bribing them but they gave me the idea to do so. I recorded our conversation because I knew what this was leading to and I was shocked how corrupt they are. I also intended to sound stupid, innocent and arrogant just to bring out the worst in them. *evil laugh* Happy listening guys! I hope you reach until the end of this video. Promise, it's all worth it. I got away without a ticket. Note: I will NEVER over speed in commonwealth (especially in front of MMDA officers). That's pure stupidity. I don't know which car they pointed their speed meter gun thingy. #HuliCam #MMDA #commonwealth #bribe #overspeeding #corrupt

Posted by Dianne Manansala Versoza on Monday, September 21, 2015