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32 enforcers graduate from MMDA traffic school


First batch graduate from basic traffic course

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Institute of Traffic Management (ITM) has graduated its first batch of traffic enforcers, 32 all in all, who took up the Basic Traffic Management Course for 57 days.

The institute’s first commencement exercise was held at the Metro Manila Film Fest Cinema last Friday.

This occasion validates the role ITM will play in providing traffic management education for our traffic enforcers not just in Metro Manila but also all over the country.


ITM’s Basic Traffic Management Course tackles the fundamentals of traffic management, traffic direction, control, and supervision, traffic law enforcement, basics of road safety, traffic accident investigation, road incident management, traffic engineering, and administrative rules and regulations.

"A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of this first batch of graduates, as they need to show positive changes once they get back on the road to perform their duties," said MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino.

The MMDA plans to put all their traffic personnel through the ITM and will also encourage traffic enforcers all over the country to take the course. ITM grants degrees and issues certificates of training competency to government and non-government personnel involved in traffic management, traffic law enforcement and traffic accident investigations after they complete the program and the course.

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