In order to increase compliance of the policies regarding the use of the yellow or bus lane along EDSA, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced plans to increase the fees against violators.

According to MMDA Assistant General Manager for Planning Jojo Garcia, a proposal has been submitted to the Metro Manila Council (MMC) – the agency’s governing board and policy-making body – that is up for approval by 2018.

Details of the suggested increase in the penalties are yet to be made public but the current rate is Php 200 for public utility buses (PUBs) and Php 500 for private vehicles.

“Buses that stay outside the yellow lane have a PHP 200 fine. We have told our enforcers that charges of reckless driving be filed against them as well as an additional PHP 500 fine. Thus, they will be imposed a PHP 700 fine. We are proposing that the fines be further increased and that this will be approved by the Metro Manila Council (MMC) by next year,” said Garcia.

After the dry-run on Monday, 585 private vehicles and buses were caught violating the yellow bus lane regulation.

Despite complaints from motorists regarding the increased congestion last Monday, the MMDA states that there was marked improvement in the flow of traffic during the first day of the dry-run.

“Based on the data that we have gathered, our point to point buses along EDSA had a travel time of 50 minutes from North Avenue to Ayala Avenue compared to the usual one hour and 20 minutes traveling on the same direction,” added Garcia.

The MMDA will kick of the dry-run of the motorcycle lane today.