MMDA warns motorists about 85 flood-prone areas


Motorists and the public are warned to avoid these areas during heavy downpour

After assuring the public that they’ve done their part to reduce the risk and the amount of flooding the metropolis will experience during the rainy season, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has just announced 85 areas in Metro Manila that are flood-prone and should be avoided by motorists and the general public.

As per the MMDA Flood Control Information Center (FCIC), these areas are:

Quezon City

Central Manila





Las Pinas




The MMDA has cleared esteros, waterways, canals and gutters in an all-year round effort to ensure that in the event of a heavy downpour, rainwater will flow freely from the streets and out to the sea.

They have also improved and tested the Effective Flood Control Operating System (EFCOS), which was purchased from JICA Philippines for Php 16 million and upgraded 12 of the 54 pumping stations that can pump 350 drums of floodwater per second.

”We believe na prepared ngayon, so we don't know if etong advance preparation natin would be sufficient.,” said MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos.

[We believe we are prepared but we don’t know if these advanced preparations would be sufficient.]

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