EDSA Guadalupe looked like an off-road trail last night

If you've driven around town lately, you may have noticed that the streets of Metro Manila appear to be in worse shape compared to a few months back. We're talking about the potholes, and they're showing up everywhere – C-5, EDSA, you name it. That's because the heavy rains couples with heavy vehicles are tearing up the road. 

There's a lot of patchwork that needs doing, but in the case of EDSA, they tried to use mud.

MMDA was busy cleaning up a lot of mud on EDSA image

We jest, of course. MMDA EDSA traffic boss Bong Nebrija shared photos of the EDSA Guadalupe bridge on Facebook this morning, and the stretch of road was completely covered with mud.

Yes, you're looking at Guadalupe bridge; that's not a new off-road trail somewhere in the city. According to Nebrija's post, someone a lot of mud appears to have been dumped on the road. Over a Viber message with the traffic czar, he says that the most likely scenario was a truck carrying soil hit a pothole and spilled it onto EDSA.

MMDA was busy cleaning up a lot of mud on EDSA image

Whatever the case, the mud was able to cover a large portion of the northbound section of the EDSA Guadalupe bridge. Combined with the heavy rains late last night, well, we'll let the photos speak for themselves. Hopefully, motorists were able to pass through or managed to avoid the mud without any issue.

The MMDA has since cleaned out all the mud on the bridge, but that's a lot of extra work. 

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