The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has decided to suspend the full-implementation of the driver-only ban on EDSA scheduled for August 23, in deference to the Senate resolution calling for its suspension filed earlier this week.

"This is not an MMDA monopoly. We respect the Senate's resolution," said MMDA General Manager, Jojo Garcia during an interview with a news agency.

Nonetheless, the dry-run of the driver-only ban will continue to be in effect. The MMDA will meet with the Metro Manila Mayors Council next week to determine the fate of the permanence of the driver-only ban on EDSA.

In the meantime, the MMDA encourages motorists to participate in the driver-only ban, and try carpooling. Violators will be monitored but not be apprehended or fined.

“All have to sacrifice,” he said. “Not just the buses. Motorists should at least participate in the dry run.”

The HOV policy put forth by the MMDA was approved by the governing body of the agency: the Metro Manila Council which is comprised of the mayors of the cities and one municipality that make up the National Capital Region.

On Wednesday, August 15, however, Senators filed a resolution calling for its suspension, citing that the the controversial HOV scheme “was set in place without public consultation and due process”.