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MMPC to launch 3 new vehicles in 2012?


Triple treat

If you're a Mitsubishi Motors fan, then 2012 is one year to look forward to.

Last night during the Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Christmas Party, several executives were excited about their new models for next year, as MMPC is set to re-enter the B-Segment after a long absence.

Already the next generation Mirage is scheduled to arrive in Q4 2012, and that in itself is big news for the brand. Mitsubishi has been claiming that the Mirage can do 30 kilometers to a liter under their test cycle, and given today's gas prices, the Mirage will be one to look forward to.

Another bit of news from Mr. Froilan Dytianquin, MMPC's VP for Marketing Services, will be discontinuing the production cycle of the last generation Lancer (Cedia-based, 8th generation overall) with the 1.6 engine. In its place will be a newer version of the Lancer EX (9th generation) with a lower displacement engine.

However, the biggest news of the night has to be the hint of the arrival of Mitsubishi's electric car, the iMIEV or perhaps its upcoming derivatives. There are still no details about EV infrastructure or possible range under local driving conditions, but rest assured, MMPC will be challenging for the top spot in the auto industry for the next few years.


In other news for the diamond star brand, MMC has just announced that they have just developed new Eco-friendly floormats using plant-based fibers. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, while working with various companies, made the new mats using plant-based bio-polyethylene (bio-PE) fiber, adding to its lineup of proprietary plant-based "Green Plastic" products.

The company plans to start production of the new floor mats in the summer of 2012.

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