It has been 54 years since the very first MOMO steering wheel was introduced. On another note, it has also been 50 years since Hot Wheels cars were first produced. With the latter celebrating this milestone, they have partnered with what has become one of the go-to brands for aftermarket steering wheels to create a proper tribute to Hot Wheels history.

Shown to the public at this year's SEMA Show, the MOMO X Hot Wheels steering wheel was officially made available to collectors and to anyone who may want a piece of history, or just have a quirky steering wheel to show off or use. Finished in genuine Alcantara, the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary wheel is cross stitched by hand using gold thread. Adding to the novelty is a horn button that shows the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary logo and a laser-etched Hot Wheels logo on the spokes.

Momo releases commemorative steering wheel for Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary

While they were originally meant to be used for the life-sized Hot Wheels cars, all those involved in its development believed that collectors of both MOMO and Hot Wheels would like a piece of this historic partnership. Thre result is the steering wheel being available commecially and packaged in a commemorative box, albeit non-serialized. Some may argue that this might make it less collectible in nature, but others will be sure to snag the deal, regardless.

“With MOMO recently celebrating its 50th Anniversary we fully understand the importance of such a milestone.We’re incredibly proud to help such an iconic brand as Hot Wheels commemorate not only 50 years of history but 50 years of inspiring fans of all ages," said Henrique Cisneros, chairman of MW Company

The MOMO X Hot Wheels can be purchased online and for a limited time, and it retails for $ 399.95 (around PhP 21,228). Novelty? Maybe this can replace that old MOMO Benneton, then.