Monopoly has been around since 1935. Because of its age, the board game has become a household party game all over the world. Due to its popularity, countless themed versions of Monopoly have been released as well. The themes cover nearly everything from movies and TV series like Game of Thrones to even videogames like Fortnite.

Now, there’s a new petrol-head themed version of Monopoly, and it is inspired by the Green Hell in Germany. Welcome to Monopoly Nurburging.

If you’re familiar with Monopoly, then the layout is exactly the same. In place of the bluish background, however, the middle artwork is a picture of the Nurburgring’s most famous corner, carousel. Rather than buying streets or train stations, players can buy different stretches and corners of the track instead like Flugplatz or Flanzgarten.

In place of the usual figurines, the Monopoly Nurburging comes with a trophy, an F1 car, a tire, a helmet, and what looks like an impact gun. Instead of buildings or hotels, grandstands and stadiums are available to purchase.

Monopoly Nurburgring is the perfect Christmas gift for car guys image

Other than that, the board game comes with 28 ownership cards, 16 community cards, 16 event cards, and a standard set of Monopoly money. The rules of the game remain the same as well. There’s still a jail, a free parking spot, a police, and a Go square.

Officially, it is called Monopoly Nurburgring 2nd Edition. Yes, this isn’t the first time Monopoly released a Nurburgring-themed board. For those wondering, the 1st edition is no longer in production. It also featured vintage race cars and a dark-themed border.

The Monopoly Nurburgring 2nd Edition is available for purchase direct from the Nurburgring's online shop, and costs Eur 44.95, approximately Php 2,534. With Christmas fast approaching, this would be the perfect Christmas gift for one of your car friends.