With less than 24 hours til showtime, the drivers and crew of Monster Jam are in a frenzy to get there 5 ton beasts race ready. With 1500 horses of methanol fed rage destroying everything in sight, you don’t want loose bolts spewing out of these rigs.

For the first time ever, motorsports fans and action junkies will get an eyeful of these towering behemoths tear through mud, rubber, and steel. America based entertainment firm Feld Motor Sports has partnered with Vivre Fort Entertainment and SM Mall of Asia to pull off this literally earth shaking spectacle. Monster Jam is finally here!

Cynthia Gauthier

So what can fans expect for the 3 shows lined up? EL Toro Loco driver Cynthia Gauthier, who happens to be the only female driver in the 6-truck contingent, gives us a teaser.

“We actually have 4 segments, we start with the Wheelie Contest, where the goal is to get the truck as vertically straight on two wheels the longest. The other competition is the obstacle course, which is a different layout most of the time comprising of circles and jumps, and the fastest one through the obstacle wins. Third is the doughnuts, where you go around in circles as fast as you can, which is my favorite because it’s like drifting. And last one is freestyle which is wide open and do whatever you want.”

Max-D - Neil Elliot

In a sport where metal crunching mayhem is the order of things, danger is never far behind. Long time competitor Neil Elliot, who’s most known for his gravity defying backflips aboard Maximum Destruction, talks about the secret to ‘keep on truckin’

“I’ve been driving for 15 years, and the secret is more the crew guys. I can wheelie a truck all day long but if guys don’t put it back together, keep the truck in tip top shape…if I get hurt then the truck don’t go. So it’s the crew guys keeping my career going all these years.”

Son-Uva Digger

Joining the fray is Ryan Anderson who pilots Son-uva Digger. Ryan’s father, Dennis Anderson, is arguably the most famous monster truck driver in history, being the progenitor of the iconic Grave Digger truck since the 80s. How does it feel to be the son of the sport’s biggest hero? “Its fun because people are already cheering for you, so I just go out and do my thing.”

Grave Digger - Jon Zimmer

The show of course wouldn’t be complete without Grave Digger, which is now driven by ace veteran Jon Zimmer. Is there a bit of pressure living up to the legend of Diggers past?

Zimmer affirms “I don’t look at it as pressure, its fun because all these people are there. We always say the fans are our real sponsors, when we drive, the pressure is more like I’m gonna drive for my fans.”

Crashing into the two day rumble are mainstays Dragon (driven by Scott Liddycoat) and rising star Zombie (driven by Bari Musawwir).

Monster Jam will perform on June 20 and 21 in the SM Mall of Asia Arena, and would definitely make for a great Father’s Day celebration.