Back in 2015, Mercedes-Benz introduced the AMG GT as a successor to the SLS AMG. Since then, the German marque has continuously released new variants of their two-seat sports car over the years, such as the GT S, GT C and the range topper GT R. While they are new variants, the basic design of the car has remained the same.

For the 2019 model year however, Mercedes will be updating the look of the AMG GT, and even bring a more hardcore version called the GT R Pro; both of which are set to debut at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show this November 30.

For the time being, Mercedes has yet to reveal details regarding the updated AMG GT and the GT R Pro. However, they did release a teaser photo of the hardcore AMG GT albeit still covered in camouflage. They also mentioned that the GT R Pro incorporates the automakers' finding and research from the AMG GT3 and AMG GT4 racing cars.

More Hardcore Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro heading to LA Auto Show

Taking a closer look at the lone teaser photo, the GT R Pro seems to build on the already aggressive looking GT R. There's a new front bumper with larger air intakes coupled with a larger and more aggressive chin and splitter. A pair of small canards appear to have been fitted as well to help improve air flow. Curiously, the headlights have also been covered which could mean that the 2019 model year AMG GT will have an updated headlight design. Expect a large rear wing to be fitted as well.

The standard AMG GT R's 4.0-liter twin turbo V8 already produces 585 PS and 700 Nm of torque. Expect the GT R Pro to have even more than that, possibly already in the 600+ zone. More so, it is highly likely that Mercedes also put the hardcore AMG GT to a carbon fiber diet.

More Hardcore Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro heading to LA Auto Show

As for the the updated AMG GT series, Mercedes states that changes were made to both the interior and exterior and bring its styling in line with the newer AMG GT 4-door. There was no mention of any powertrain updates.