The car and bike bubble protects your precious vehicle from the harsh elements, dust, humidity, scratches, pets and insects. It is designed to be an effective storage solution for your beloved investment, whether it be a car or a bike.

The Bubble Cover is made of very durable anti-static PVC that is sealed using state of the art radio frequency technology, the zipper is a heavy-duty 100% nylon and will not scratch your vehicle. The base material is oil, gas, coolant/anti-freze resistant ensuring that in an event of fluid leakage, it will not seep out the bubble, thus keeping your garage clean.

bike bubble

Another highlights of this product are its two 12-volt fans to ensure proper air circulation and to equalize the air temperature with the outside environment gradually therefore preventing condensation.

Available sizes are: Medium (5x2meters), Large (5.5x2.0m) and Extra large (6.1x2.4m)

For orders and inquiries please contact: (02)871-9474; (02)215-3893 or drop by their showroom at No.51 D. Tuazon Ave. cor. P. Florentino, Brgy. Lourdes, Quezon City