Following a highly-successful initial introduction of the new high-performance Petron Turbo Diesel in five service stations in early August, Petron expands its advanced automotive diesel to 54 more stations. Positive customer feedback and increasing demand from customers prompted Petron to make the product available in more stations. It will continue its roll-out to more stations in the coming months.

Petron Turbo Diesel is a high-performance diesel fuel that delivers optimum driving performance. It has three unique performance characteristics namely:
Non-stop engine cleaning action, which removes and prevents engine deposits
Enables engines to deliver more power
Optimum combustion performance which deliver maximum fuel efficiency

Other benefits include improved acceleration and performance, reduction of engine noise and ignition delay, cleans fuel injectors, protects against engine corrosion, improvement of cold start performance and reduced exhaust emissions.

The new diesel fuel is formulated for modern diesel engines with Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) technology and is also compatible with older diesel engine types for optimum performance. Petron assured that it will continue to be a the forefront of product innovations aimed at giving the motoring public environment-friendly fuels that provide more value for money.