Mitsubishi has been on a roll lately. Sales are up worldwide, mainly helped by the strong figures posted in the ASEAN region. They even posted higher than projected sales in South East Asia by five percent. So what is Mitsubishi's plans for the future?

For them, the future lies in crossovers and LCVs or Light Commercial Vehicles.

Right now, their main focus for the ASEAN region is to expand the Xpander's range and life cycle. Mitsubishi isn't saying what they have in store for the popular model just yet, but it seems that the model will hang on longer than the usual Japanese car life cycle of about five years. With expansion in mind, does that mean there will be a diesel version, or even a hybrid offering? Only time will tell.

As for other crossovers and LCV's, Mitsubishi is also keeping their cards close to their chests. However, they are planning what's called a 'Super height wagon type' kei car, which could hint at a small off-roader from the brand. Could this be Mitsubishi's Jimny fighter? After all, the Suzuki is classified as a kei car in its home market.

Another possible model from Mitsubishi is the all-new Outlander. As it stands, the current generation is already at seven years old, making it ripe for a full model change. Given that they are part of the Alliance, the next Outlander could be based on the future Nissan X-Trail.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of the next-generation Pajero, or if there will be one in the first place. Mitsubishi Motors announced that they will no longer be offering it in their home market, although it will still be sold in other markets.

In the LCV side of the business, the new Triton made its debut late last year. Also, the L300 has been revived packing a new Euro 4 diesel engine. But as Mitsubishi wants a bigger slice of the commercial vehicle market, could there be a chance that the new Delica will be offered in left-hand drive markets such as ours? If so, it will be an interesting addition to the range, and one that can squarely take on the Toyota Innova.