The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released a memorandum stating that the Morgan 3-Wheeler is classified as "non-conventional motorcyle."

According to the agency's Memorandum Circular Number AVT-2014-1897, signed by LTO Assistant Secretary Atty. Alfonso V. Tan, Jr., the Morgan 3-Wheeler is classified as "non-convetional motorcycle" and subclassified as "MC." To put things in perspective, "non-conventional motorcycle" are vehicles similar to the Piaggo Apé; and the Salamander concept, if it goes into production. However, the LTO says registration fees for the Morgan 3-Wheeler would be similar with "Light" motor vehicles or with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 1600 kg.

The 3-Wheeler was originally classified as a motorcycle in the UK to avoid British taxes on cars and has also been classified as a motorcycle in the US.

The Morgan 3-Wheeler

The Morgan 3-Wheeler is also subjected to comply with LTO's Administrative Order Number AHS-2008-015 that states the rules and regulations on the use and operation of motorcycles on highways. Under the policy, the driver and the passenger of the motorcycle shall wear the standard helmet. Moreover, drivers are not allowed to wear flip flops, sandals and slippers.

The memorandum goes on by stating that the vehicle is subjected to undergo LTO's roadworthiness inspection prior to initial registration. Lastly, the vehicle will be issued a regular motorcycle license plate. Since it is classified as such, it is exempt from the 'number coding scheme', although we doubt owners would want to use these in daily traffic.