Last year, Morgan introduced the EV3. Essentially, it was an electric Morgan three-wheeler. However, resource limitations prevented production from happening. One year later, Morgan has found a partnership with Frazer-Nash Energy Systems and has finally confirmed the EV3 for production.

"We are delighted to announce our technical partnership with Frazer-Nash Energy Systems as we enter this exciting phase of EV3 production. We have been working closely on optimizing the EV3’s architecture in every way to develop a car that will offer proven reliability range and cooling performance, combined with the pure driving experience that is expected of every hand-crafted Morgan,” said Morgan boss Steve Morris.

Morgan EV3 electric three-wheeler confirmed for production

Production and sales of the EV3 is slated to begin in 2018, and will combine traditional Morgan craftsmanship with modern-day EV technology. Many firsts for the British automaker can be seen in the new three-wheeler. It will be the marque's first electric vehicle and will also be the first to use composite panels during the body's construction.

Morgan's upcoming EV3 will use a completely tubular platform which is then mated to a liquid-cooled motor, which produces 46 PS, sending power to the rear wheel. Yes, a single rear-wheel. A 21-kWh lithium battery then provides enough juice for it to have a 193km range. Though official figures have yet to be revealed, Morgan claims the EV3 will have comparable performance figures with its gasoline powered counterpart.