One of England’s oldest car brands, the Morgan Motor Company, has recently announced the official Morgan dealer in the Philippines: White Knight Automobiles.

White Knight Automobiles is under the Capitalwise Group, a private equity and capital venture firm in the country. Unusually, Capitalwise’s CEO shares the name of the brand they carry: Mr. Morgan P. Say. The group also has other businesses such as the White Knight Hotel, White Knight Tours, among others.

Founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, the Morgan Motor Company is a low-volume manufacturer of individually customized (or bespoke), handmade sports cars, particularly specializing in open top British roadsters and three-wheelers. Each model is made and customized in Worcestershire, United Kingdom.

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Currently, Morgan’s most powerful car is the Plus 8, an open top roadster that weighs just 1100 kilos and is powered by a V8.

We called up White Knight Automobiles, Inc. to get more details on Morgan in the Philippines and had a talk with Ms. Mavic Dagamasbad. Interested clients may visit them at their office in Makati, specify a model and the many custom options they wish, and subsequently place the order with the Morgan Motor Company in UK. 

They're reluctant to give a price right now, given the level of customization on offer. They did tell us that a dealership is in the works, but in the meantime, White Knight Automobiles will be focusing on mall displays and the like. The important bit: Morgan will be covered by a warranty, though details on duration and mileage are unavailable yet. The servicing arrangement is still unclear though.

Interested parties may contact White Knight Automobiles, Inc. at (+632) 814-0159 for more details.