After being teased with a design sketch nearly a month ago and getting a glimpse of its headlamp design last week, Skoda has finally released exterior photos of the new 2015 Fabia ahead of the 2014 Moscow Motor Show next week.

No exact details have been given, but according to the Czech automaker, the 3rd generation Fabia has tighter measurements. It is flatter and wider than the previous model, giving the new car a fuller stance on the road. The Fabia's new headlamp and grill design appear "optically stronger as a graphical unit," to make the car look wide. Adding to the wide demeanor of the car are the curved hood and ample scoped fog lights. Overall, the car gives off a "powerful silhouette".

Rear quarter view of the Skoda Fabia

The Fabia will be available in 15 different body colors and will come with a special color option that enables clients to individually select the color of the roof, wheels, and side mirrors. The interior on the other hand will have a plethora of options but again, exact details have yet to surface.