Soon, there will be a new variant of the RAV4 crossover to choose from. Toyota will be expanding the lineup of the RAV4 by adding a new plug-in hybrid version on top of the standard gasoline-powered version and the hybrid version. Interestingly, Toyota claims it will be the most powerful RAV4 yet. 

For now, Toyota has not released specific details about the RAV4 PHEV just yet. They only mentioned in the teaser that the RAV4 Plug-in “will be celebrated by its spirited acceleration, nimble handling and impeccable style”. As it is a plug-in hybrid, expect it to have a larger battery pack compared to the standard hybrid variant. It will also have a charging port somewhere in the body and be capable of driving on pure electric power alone.

Design-wise, the RAV4 PHEV looks nearly identical to the standard RAV4 albeit with minor design changes.. One of the most obvious differences is the new vertical LED strip on the lower bumper. The grill on the PHEV is also finished in gloss black compared to the others. The RAV4 PHEV will also add a new color to the lineup – Supersonic Red, which you can already see here.

At the moment, the most potent variant is the RAV4 Hybrid which produces 219 horsepower from a 2.5-liter engine and assisted by a pair of electric motors. The question now is how much more powerful will the RAV4 PHEV be compared to its hybrid sibling. Don't expect it to be too overpowered though.

Since it’s just a teaser, we’ll have to wait until the plug-in version officially makes its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this year. Toyota calls it a 2021 model so expect it to go on sale late 2020.