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Motobot gives life to Motolite EGX technology


Motolite, the country's leading automotive battery brand, is introducing a hip, exciting character called Motobot in its latest television ads. Created purely through computer graphic imagery (CGI), Motobot brings to life the state-of-the-art technology behind each Motolite product.

Motobot showcases the advantages inherent in the patented EGX technology of Motolite maintenance-free batteries, such as:

Tropicalized. Motolite maintenance-free batteries with patented Expanded Grid Technology (EGX) are adapted to our climate for optimal performance. Calcium plates with EGX are designed and manufactured with the best materials and the most advanced methods, enabling them to withstand searing under-hood temperatures.

Long service life. Thicker grids toughen the battery plates against breakage, while flexible vibration pads guard against the most aggressive engine movements and the harshest road conditions, thereby ensuring long battery life.

Superior power transfer from the battery to the vehicle's electrical system is provided by thicker posts, for peak power that's available, when and where you need it.

Larger electrolyte reserves provide more abundant supply of electrolytes, to better endure extreme weather conditions.

Enhanced sealing not only minimizes fluid loss from extreme engine heat and weather conditions, but makes Motolite's Maintenance-Free batteries with EGX technology more resistant to corrosive leakage in case of accidents.
Robust polypropylene body construction ensures battery durability against constant heat and pressure.

Built-in handles make Motolite batteries safe and convenient to handle for transport and installation.

Motolite's advanced EGX technology is offered in three battery variants: Motolite Enduro, Motolite Gold, and Motolite Excel. Backed by over eighty years of leadership in the automotive battery industry, the upgrade in EGX technology is the result of Motolite's unrelenting pursuit of excellence through research, design and cutting-edge technology.

Motolite is the leading brand of automotive batteries in the Philippines. Its manufacturer, Philippine Batteries Inc (PBI), is the largest manufacturer, exporter and distributor of automotive, industrial, valve-regulated and motorcycle battery products in the country. The company exports Motolite Batteries to the United States, Australia, Europe, Middle East and the rest of Asia.
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