Motolite, the leading Philippine brand in automotive batteries, is proudly powering the newest innovation in Philippine public transportation electronic jeepneys. By improving on their patented golf cart battery technology, Motolite has been able to produce a stronger, more reliable battery which can endure the extreme demands of public transportation.

Motolite's support for the e-jeep program stems from a two-fold vision. Firstly, the company's relentless drive to discover cleaner and cheaper alternative sources of energy has always been on the forefront of its social responsibility. These no-fuel, low-maintenance electronic jeepneys - definitely an eco-friendly machine on wheels - is a welcome option for the Filipino commuting public especially in light of global warming, soaring fuel prices and other economical and environmental problems the world is facing. Secondly, and staying true to its Filipino roots, Motolite believes that the jeepney is a staple of Filipino culture and lifestyle not to mention a practical necessity for the Filipino people.

The e-jeeps are now taking passengers in Legazpi and Salcedo Villages in Makati City. In the regions, pilot areas include Bacolod City and Palawan. Commuters will be pleased to know that in the busy streets of Makati City, the e-jeep service is still free of charge, pending licenses to operate from the city government. A minimal fare will be charged for riding electronic jeepneys after they get their permits, but still relatively cheaper than ordinary, diesel-run jeepneys. The program hopes to be a nationwide service in the near future.

According to Arnold Sarmiento, industrial batteries division manager, "Motolite's support of the e-jeep program serves to emphasize our pride in the Filipino way of life, and our passion for any local endeavor which can contribute to the national welfare and development. These e-jeeps are also powered by locally-manufactured Motolite batteries, serving as another testimony to the company's fervent local pride."

Motolite batteries are manufactured by Philippine Batteries, Inc. (PBI), the largest manufacturer, exporter and distributor of automotive, motorcycle, and industrial battery products and solutions in the Philippines. Its 18-hectare fully-integrated facility in Sta. Maria, Bulacan is one of the largest and most modern battery manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia. It also has the country's only ISO 14001-certified, environmentally-compliant recycling facility, the second biggest in Asia.